Membership Information

Northern Mississippi Range Association memberships include access to the range.

A membership runs for one year.

Membership Type Yearly Price Credit Card
NRA Member Family $40.00 $45.00
Non-NRA Member Family $50.00 $55.00
Corporate Membership $115.00 $120.00
Life Membership $260.00 $270.00

Fill out an application form and present form and the applicable dues at a regular NMRA meetings at 7 pm, the 2nd Wednesday of each month, present at any scheduled NMRA event or bring to R&R Arms.

Individual range access is controlled by a non-duplicatable numbered key system.

Application Form
Zip Code
Phone Number
NRA Member Number
Membership Type Non-NRA Member Family $50.00 (Yearly)

NRA member-Family $40.00 (Yearly)

Life Membership $260.00

Corporate Membership $115.00 (Yearly)