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Trap League - Please Read and Respond

To All Members and lapsed Members of the NMRA Inc.

"Please Read and Respond"

The board of our range had a discussion at the last meeting trying to decide the fate of our Trap Range. It has been several years since we have utilized this resource.

History: Prior to Covid and the high cost of Shot Shells, we had a thriving although small group of dedicated trap shooters. We shot for individual score of the best 10 rounds of 13 with handicap. We would take turns scoring and releasing the clays. We have an automatic thrower with a button release that holds 500 clay pigeons per fill. The schedule was Monday nights 4:30 to 6PM from June through early September. We would have a final fun shoot at the end of the season to award those most proficient and enjoy some shooting competition prior to a picnic supper.

In our recovering post covid world, shot shells are $10 or more. Clay pigeons are $13 plus a box. These two factors have a huge influence on whether trap shooters will participate.

We have spent considerable time and money to improve the function and usefulness of the trap range to try to make it as attractive as possible for members use. Your input is necessary and valuable to those of us trying to decide where to focus our efforts.

Please get back to us with your comments and remember that without your participation and commitment the board won’t feel compelled to pursue any further energies toward trap in the near future.

So, to cut to the chase, please respond to Pete or myself if you have an interest in starting our league up again. The cost is nominal. The intention is a fun evening for all involved.

Larry Roulet-

Gordie Buchanan Trap League
Download PDF • 395KB

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